Mission & Objectives


To be the leading School of Management in Asia by providing professional management education for holistic excellence.

  • To produce graduates who are trained both in the core and specialised management/accounting areas.
  • To produce graduates who are skilled conceptually, analytically and able to communicate coherently and effectively.
  • To inculcate positive and ethical values and a strong sense of social responsibility among the graduates.
  • To produce management/accounting graduates who are technologically literate and able to adapt to the constant changes in the environment.
  • To produce graduates who are enterprising and creative with global outlook and focus on sustainability.



SOM aspires to address the corporate governance and unethical problems faced by businesses and organisations with holistic excellence.  SOM leads to promote holistic excellence with an inner meaning given to all aspects of work motivated by altruism and spiritual awareness.

This initiative will be reflected in SOM’s incoming research initiatives, teaching & learning experiences and community engagement activities. SOM aims to deliver graduates that are not only competent in their business knowledge and skills but also strongly guided by their spiritual beliefs and motivated by their altruism.

SOM aims to promote excellence in all aspects of its academic education guided by deep evaluation of inner life demand, the meaning of work and a sense for the community as a whole.