Community Outreach

Introduction: Community outreach is another important pillar under BJIM. In this section, the activities involving society engagement and the respective outcomes will be explained.
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Grants on Social Engagement

(1)    Title: Sg. Sedim-Sg.Pinang Expedition: Capacity Building for Early Youngsters, 2008
         Value of grant: RM35,000 (2008); RM40,000 (2009)

Objective: multiple objectives; amongst which are to expose young students to environmental issues such as water and river; to develop young students into river cadres or any other cadres that they like to be a part of; to promote USM as a serious organization on environmental issues; and to lead other agencies in a smart partnership on a select environmental issue.

Duration: June 2008; June 2009 (4 days, three nights each time)

Some description: the expedition is a four days three nights programme, a community outreach programme by USM with collaboration with other outside agencies like UNESCO-MIHP, SKUM, DID, DOE, PBA, etc.  for selected primary school children in the community to expose them to water issues, in particular river as well as other environmental related issues. The concept of AIDA (awareness, interest, desire, action) is used in this experiential learning expedition.

(2)   Title: “Peningkatan Nilai Ke Arah Pembangunan Berterusan Diri dan Masyarakat: Program Untuk Anak-Anak dari Rumah Kebajikan”

Duration: July 2011 – June 2014

Amount: RM6,930.00

  1.    Educate and coach students on self development.
  2.    To help the students to achieve sustainable self development and embrace good values in their life.

(3)  Title: “Pembasmian Krisi Sosial : Penglibatan Wanita Sebagai Ketua Rumahtangga Di Dalam Perniagaan Kecil untuk Mencapai Kelestarian Hidup”

Duration: 2011 – 2013

Amount: RM7,520.00

  1. To establish a database on single mother  for USM to conduct community outreach program
  2. To provide business knowledge to enable them to be self sufficient in their life and achieve sustainable life
  3. To provide a boost to them to lead the family as a single parent