Executive Development Program (EDP)

Executive Development Program (EDP)

Through EDP, the BJIM office at SOM provides numerous management and entrepreneurship programs to both private and government based organizations. EDP aims to create a better symbiosis between personal and professional development and a broader enterprise – learning for all.

  • EDP will build a conscious and dynamic interaction between theory and practice.
  • EDP will work in partnership with the public and the private institutions to market executive non-degree programs that are always demanded from business school.
  • EDP will proactively establish links with the external community it serves
  • EDP will design consultancy program that develop and cultivate a flexible thinker, quick problem-solver, team player, effective communicator and cross-functional manager.


EDP will deliver bottom-line results and practical benefits for the aspiring business leaders and high-potential managers.

Projek Skim Usahawan Siswazah INSKEN-SOM-GSB

SOM and Graduate School of Business (GSB) was awarded a grant valued at RM980,000 by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) to implement Basic Training Program on Entrepreneurship from 2010 to 2015. The National Entrepreneurship Institute (INSKEN) under the flagship of MITI will act as the coordinator for all the programs in the four identified public universities such as USM, UUM, UiTM, and UNITAR. The MoU took place on 28th Mac 2011 in conjunction with offical ceremony of 1Malaysia Young Entrepreneurs Challenge. The Basic Training Program on Entrepreneurship under the scheme will have five series in a year with 40 participants. The promotion of the program will be co-owned by INSKEN and SOM.

Collaboration between Sekolah Ikhtisas Tentera Udara (SITU) and School of Management

Two programs are currently in collaboration with Sekolah Ikhtisas Tentera Udara (SITU) and School of Management:

  1. Squadron Officers Course (Kursus Pegawai Skuadron-KPS)
  2. Research Methodology Course
The objectives of this course are as follows:
  1. To create awareness among Air Force officers on the importance of research.
  2. To increase level of research knowledge among Air Force officers.
  3. To assist Air Force officers to prepare their research papers.