Prof. Aizzat Hj. Mohd. Nasurdin


Position: Professor

Academic Qualifications:

Ph.D (USM, Malaysia), 
MBA (W. Michigan, USA),
B.Sc. Agribusiness (UPM, Malaysia)


Room: 017
Phone: (+604)653 2548
Fax: (+604)657 7448


AIZZAT MOHD NASURDIN, PhD is a Professor at the School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Dr. Aizzat teaches OB-related courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She also supervises MBA, DBA, and PhD students in the field of organizational behavior. Dr. Aizzat has published research articles in both local and international refereed journals and proceedings besides being a reviewer for international conferences and journals. Her research interests include organizational citizenship behavior, job performance, commitment, justice, and work-family balance.


Research Area:

Organizational Behavior

Research Project:

On-going Research:

  1. Predictors of career success of Malaysian managers: The role of human capital, social capital, and personality traits, Research University, Siti Rohaida binti Mohamed Zainal, Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin & Quah Chun Hoo, 15 Jan 2009- 14 Jan 2012.
  2. Determinants of intrapreneurship behavior: The effects of psychological and organizational factors, Research University, Noor Hazlina Ahmad, Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin & Siti Rohaida binti Mohamed Zainal, 15 February 2010- 14 January 2012.  
  3. Predictors and Outcomes of work-family balance among Malaysian entrepreneurs, Research University, Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, Noor Hazlina Ahmad & Siti Rohaida Mohamed Zainal, 15 Mei 2009- 14 Mei 2012.
  4. A Comprehensive Model Linking Human resource Management Practices and Service-Oriented Organizational Citizenship Behaviors of Customer-Contact Hotel Employees in Malaysia, Research University, Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, Noor Hazlina Ahmad & Tan Cheng Ling, 1 Dis 2011- 30 Nov 2013.  
  5. Towards an integrated model of silver entrepreneurship success: Exploring the entrepreneurial factors and the ecosystem for productive aging, ERGS, Noor Hazlina Ahmad, Aizzat Mohd Nasurdin, Hasliza Abd. Halim, & Pishen Seet, 1 Julai 2011-30June 2013.  
  6. Towards a Successful Implementation of Business Process Management for Sustainable Organizational Performance, Research University, Wong Wai Peng, Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, & Noor Hazlina Ahmad, 1 Nov 2011-30 Nov 2014.  

Completed Research:

  1. Predictors of In-Role and Extra-Role Behaviors: The Malaysian Experience, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin & T. Ramayah, 15 April 2002-14 October 2003.
  2. Validation of a New Measure of Job Satisfaction: Applicability in the Service Sector (IPTAs), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), T. Ramayah & Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, 1 June 2002-31 May 2003.
  3. Employers’ preference for foreign trained graduates-Myth or reality?, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Quah Chun Hoo & Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, 15 Mac 2007 -14 Mac 2009.


Selected Publications in Journals:

  1. Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, Noor Hazlina Ahmad, & Siti Rohaida Mohamed Zainal, Role involvement and    work-family balance: A study among Malaysian entrepreneurs, International Journal of Arts and Science, 2011, 4(6), 113-125.   
  2. Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin & Soon Lay Khuan, Organizational justice, age, and performance connection in Malaysia,  International Journal of Commerce and Management, 2011, 21(3), 273-290.   
  3. Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, Tan Cheng Ling, & Low Sok Fun, Service-Oriented Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Assessing the Predictive Role of Human Resource Management Practices, International Journal of Arts and Science, 2011, 4(9), 381-394.    
  4. Choo Ling Suan & Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, The Effects of Emotional Intelligence and Gender on Work Engagement of Customer-Contact Employees: A Proposed Framework. Research Journal of Business Management, 5(4), 178-186.   
  5. Siti Rohaida Mohamed Zainal, Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, & Quah Chun Hoo, The Effect of Personality Traits and Career Success Among the Hotel Managers in the Northern States of Malaysia, Proceedings of the 16th International Business Information Management  Association, June 29-30,2011, 605-617.
  6. Noor Hazlina Ahmad, Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, & Siti Rohaida Mohamed Zainal, Pro-Intrapreneurship Organizational Architecture and Job Performance: Evidence From an Emerging Economy,  Proceedings of the 17th International Business Information Management  Association, Nov 14-15, 2011, 669-677.  
  7. Noraini Othman & Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin,  Work Engagement Among Malaysian nurses: The Impact of Self-Efficacy and Optimism,  Proceedings of the International Soft Science Conference 2011, Nov 23-25, 2011, 1-10.  
  8. Noor Hazlina Ahmad, Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, & Siti Rohaida Mohamed Zainal, The Role of Organizational internal Ecosystem in Fostering Intrapreneurship Spirit, World Review of Business Research, 1(5), November 2011, 38-51.   
  9. Ahmad Zainal Abidin Abd. Razak, Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, Amat Taap Manshor & Siong Choy Chong, Supervisor and spouse support impact on work-family conflict: A study on Malysian doctors, Proceedings of the Euroasia Business and Economics Society (EBES) Conference, 26-28 May 2010,1-14.
  10. Tan Cheng Ling & Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, The influence of knowledge management effectiveness on administrative innovation among Malaysian manufacturing firms, Asian Academy of Management Journal, January 2010, 15(1), 63-77.   
  11. Tan Cheng Ling & Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, Human resource management practices and organizational innovation: An empirical study in Malaysia, The Journal of Applied Business Research, July/August 2010, 26(4), 105-115.  
  12. Tan Cheng Ling & Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, Knowledge management effectiveness and technological innovation: An empirical study in the Malaysian manufacturing industry, Journal of Mobile Technologies, Knowledge and Society, vol. 2010, ID 428053, 1-13.
  13. Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, Noor Hazlina Ahmad, & Chew Ee Lin, Examining a model of entrepreneurial intention among Malaysians using SEM procedure, European Journal of Scientific Research, July 2009, 33(2), 365-373.  
  14. Quah Chun Hoo, Aizzat Nasurdin, Guok Eng Chai, & Joshua Ignatius, Employers’ preference for foreign trained graduates – Myth or reality?, European Journal of Scientific Research, August 2009, 34(3), 372-383.
  15. Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, T. Ramayah, & Yeoh Chee Beng, The impact of structure, climate, and self-efficacy on stress: A Malaysian survey, Asian Academy of Management Journal,14(1), January 2009, 59-79.

Selected Publications Books and Book Chapters:

  1. Mohd. Khairuddin Hashim &  Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, Human Resource Management Practices for Malaysian SMEs. Chapter 4 in the book titled “Business Practices in Malaysia Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises”, 2004, 47-61.  
  2. Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, Intan Osman, & Zainal Ariffin Ahmad, 2006, Pengantar Pengurusan, Utusan Publications & Distributors Sdn. Bhd., 1-375.
  3. Mohamad Abdullah Hemdi & Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, The influence of HRM practices on hotel employees’ cognitive and affective attitudes, 2008, Book of Readings: Issues on Quality of Work Life, Universiti Utara Press, 55-70.     
  4. Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, Mohamad Abdullah Hemdi & Amin Arwani Razalli, The impact of organizational politics on workplace deviant behavior. 2008, Book of Readings: Issues on Quality of Work Life, Universiti Utara Press, 179-189.    
  5. Rabi S. Bhagat, Tejinder K. Billing, Anna Maria Lammel, Fran Brew, David L. Ford, Jr., Jose Rojas-Mendez and Vilma Coutina-Hill, Ujvala Rajadhyaksha, B.N. Srivastava,  Bernadette Setiadi, Darwish Yousef,  Olger Soler, Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin, Mansoo Shin,  Mikal Nowak, Shuming Zhao, Stefan Schmid, Murut Gumus, Tim Keeley, Catherine Kwantes, Ben Kuo, Temporal orientation and its relationships with organizationally-valued outcomes: Results from a 14 country investigation. 2009, Q.E.D. From Herodotus Ethnographic Journeys to Cross-Cultural Research. Athens: Pedio Books Publishing, 212-220.



  1. Facilitator - Air Force Training Institute  (2001-2013)
  2. Facilitator - Institute of Postgraduate Studies (2008-2013)
  3. Speaker on “Organizational and personality influences on job stress: The case of Malaysian managers” at the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) (2005).
  4. Visiting Lecturer, Universitas Darma Agung, Medan, Indonesia (2009). 
  5. Speaker on “Strategic leadership: A theoretical perspective” at the International Seminar on Strategic Leadership: Green Management, Mercu Buana University, Jakarta, Indonesia (2012).




  1. Best Paper Award by a Young Scholar, 2002, Antarabangsa, INSEAD, France.  
  2. Best Presenter Award, 2003, Antarabangsa, The Second Annual Global Business & Economics Research Conference, Turkey.
  3. Best Paper Award in HR & Organization, 2007, Antarabangsa, Second International Conference on Business and Management Research, Indonesia.  


  1. Member, 2011, Academy of Management.
  2. Member, Editorial Advisory and Review Board, Gadjah Mada International Journal of Business (GamaIJB), 2010-2013.  
  3. Member, Editorial Review Board, International Journal of Arts & Sciences, 2011-2012.   
  4. Member, January 1,  2010-December 31, 2012, Asian Academy of Management (AAM)
  5. Exco member for the 8th AAM International Conference 2009,  8th AAM International Conference 2009, Asian Academy of Management (AAM), Malaysia, 18-20 December 2009.  
  6. Committee member for the GBDI International Conference 2007, Global Business Development Institute (GBDI), Bangkok, Thailand,  12-15 June 2007.
  7. Assistant Secretary, 2003-2005, Asian Academy of Management (AAM).
  8. Member of the Board of Studies for Business Administration degree, Universiti Darul Iman (UDM).


  1. Member of research Committee on Tourism for the Perak State Government (2005).
  2. Member of consultancy Committee, Diploma Program  for ASTIN College  of Management (2006/2007)
  3. Head of consultancy Committee, Diploma Program for ASTIN College  of Management (2007/2008).
  4. Principal consultant for Focus Fine Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (2008/2009).
  5. Evaluator of consultancy Project in VS Solution Sdn. Bhd.(2008/2009).